What is Fund My Team?


Fund My Team is the fundraising arm of League Network, the only media platform dedicated to youth sports league education. League Network was started to answer a lack of reliable information and connections between the 41,000+ Youth League Managers and those who serve them. In our interactions and surveys with our members, they asked for help in raising money and we answered, creating Fund My Team. See League Network’s story here

Why Fund My Team’s Assisted Fundraising ™?


There are several fundraising platforms out there, but our members told us that it’s not enough to be given an app. Fundraising requires a method, and lots of time. When left to the goodwill of a volunteer, campaigns often fail, or never start. Fund My Team is here to assist your team from day one to funding, relieving the pressure on the coach and ensuring greater success. We have studied and tested years of peer-to-peer data. Your campaign will only require a quick set-up, then we’ll take it from there on your behalf. You will be paired up with a Fundraising Captain, but our entire team is on deck.

What’s League Network’s Mission?


League Network only exists to help youth sports league achieve greater results (see About Us ). We’re a social enterprise, which means that our motto; Better Leagues, Better Lives ™, guides everything we do. We hope you’ll send us pics of your awesome team celebrating their big tournament win, or showing off their new uniforms!

You mean, we don’t have to sell candy door-to-door anymore? How does it work then?


And we’re also telling you to drop the carwash and the shake-a-can. Reclaim your weekends! We’ve hated buying waxy chocolates and wrapping paper since our own kids were 5. With traditional fundraisers, parents are limited to neighbors, office friends and close family. Fund My Team opens up your ability to reach out to a wider network of grand-parents, uncle and aunts, far-away friends who want to see your kids succeed.

It’s really very simple. Someone on the team sets up the campaign with our Fundraising Captains, the players’ families set up their private account and enter the name and email of the people who want to be involved in the kids’ success. We take care of the emails and reminders to your team to maximize contributions and you are able to follow progress in real time! During the campaign, we stay in touch with your team and your donors. How it works.


How soon should we start fundraising?


As soon as you have a goal in mind. We know that the best fundraisers need to have a reason, a target amount and a deadline. This is where we start. Work backwards from your deadline (registration, early discounts, order date, in-hand date, etc.). Build in 3-4 weeks of fundraising efforts, and another week to get you set up and communicate with your team. Our campaigns are short and sweet so your donors and your team stay focused on the results.

Can I fundraise several times a year?


We suggest that twice a year for each team is a good number. The key is to have a reason for asking!

Can I raise money for anything?


Yes. The best fundraisers have a specific goal such as registering for, or traveling to a tournament, getting new uniforms, repairing the team bus, getting that awesome fluffy mascot... But the list doesn’t stop here. Why not help with a player’s hospital bill? Getting the kids safety equipment? If your players and parents are passionate about it, so will their friends.

My team is a Robotics’ Team or a Band , not a softball team. Can I still use Fund My Team?


The way we look at it, a team is a team… What makes it great, is that someone is dedicated to bringing kids to their best potential. Our heritage is sports, but we’re working on customizing our screens for schools and academic teams in 2017. In the meantime, let’s talk. We think it can work just fine right now.

My team is not a non-profit. Can I still raise money?


Yes you can. If you are a for-profit team, donations are not tax-deductible. However, donors will still get a receipt and thanks for their contributions. If you are a registered non-profit, donors should still consult their tax adviser before claiming a contribution.


Will you be using my friends’ emails to spam them?


No. We will only use the contacts you give us to email them about the campaign. Once the campaign ends, we will not use them again unless their contact information belongs to another player, or is entered in another campaign.

Is my Child’s information secure?


Fund My Team is a fundraising app, not a toy. It is not intended for children to use. Like you, we take all users safety, very seriously. We especially follow COPPA guidelines to safeguard children’s privacy. We use the contact information you provided to your coach. You are in control of the online profile and decide whether to give your child access to it, manage it for them (or opt-out of the campaign altogether). Your last name is never accessible on our public site and the emails in our campaigns are not shared with third parties. In addition, everyone on our team is background checked. Contact info@fundmyteam.com with any questions or concerns

Can I use Facebook or Twitter to let my friends know?


This is a great idea! Full social media integration is coming soon but you can copy the link off the campaign page and add it to a post in your Facebook or Twitter account for now. We will still use emails for your direct contacts.
Here are a few of the hashtags you can use :#success #betterlives #fundmyteam #team #youthsports.


Where does the money from our supporters go?


We partnered with WePay, the company that powers other large fundraising platforms such as GoFundMe. During setup your coach will be directed to their platform to securely create a WePay account using their email. WePay will follow up with your coach when it’s time to enter withdrawal information (bank account or payee information). Fund My Team will never see your financial information, nor do we have access to your contributions.

How does our team get paid?


When you set up the initial campaign with your Fundraising Captain, you will be given the opportunity to set up a WePay account. You will be asked to link that virtual account to your team or league’s bank account - or a personal account. You’ll then be in control of withdrawing the funds as needed, as long as a minimum of $100 stays on the account during the campaign. You can also wait until the campaign closes.

So how much does it cost?


It’s free to get started. Fund My Team charges 15% of your total raise. This website fee is necessary to take care of our platform and people. It also includes any merchant fees charged by WePay. If you don’t raise, we don’t get paid. That’s it. We don’t like surprises either.

You can compare this to the 20-30% you currently pay for merchandise fundraising, or other online platforms. And yes, you can probably do it yourself, if you too have all the tools and expertise we bring. But that’s not what our league leaders and coaches asked us for, when we surveyed them. And we listened when they said they did not have the time or the knowledge to run a campaign. We worked with them to define what would make them feel good about raising money online. We’re confident that we’ve build the best system around. If you go at it alone, we’ll be here when you need us.

PS: Remember where we said we’re a social enterprise? If your league is in a disadvantaged area (defined by Census data), we offer a reduced fee to give back to our communities (talk to us).

What if I don’t reach my goal?


Our Fundraising Captains are your MVPs to help you make the best decisions every step of the way. They have all the moves. Either way, the money raised is always yours. Contributions are collected as they are sent and deposited into your WePay account.You can wait until the end of the campaign, or withdraw simply by accessing the WePay account at any time during the campaign.

What if I exceed my goal?


That’s a great problem to have! With your Fundraising Captain, you’re in total control of your campaign. Enough money? You can close the campaign. Or come back and add a new goal to challenge your donors.

I’m loving this. Can I refer someone to you?


Of course! If you are a current fundraiser, and your referral is new to us and starts a campaign we’ll even thank you with a referral gift. Email us at info@fundmyteam.com.