Michael's Legacy Fund

Michael's Legacy Fund
Nov 25, 2019
Dec 30, 2019
What we're raising for:

In honor of Michael, our family has decided to work to fund and construct a Learning Garden at Washington Woods Elementary School in Westfield, Indiana. We have chosen Indiana as the location for this initial project to carry on his legacy as Michael's nephews, Luke and Everett, attend Washington Woods and it is of extreme importance to them not only to have a tribute for their Uncle Michael, but also to have a memory that will inspire their own personal growth and the growth of the school community.

We plan to partner with Indianapolis-based 317Grow (https://317grow.com/) for the planning/construction of the Learning Garden and national organization Big Green (https://biggreen.org/) for the educational programming around gardening, cooking, entrepreneurship, and real food that will be associated with the Learning Garden once it is up and running. Additionally, Michael's business partner, David Varnell of Kelly Varnell Virgona, Inc. Landscape Architecture in Bergenfield, New Jersey (http://kvvinc.com/), has graciously volunteered to do the initial site design for the Learning Garden in Michael's honor.

We believe that this project truly embodies Michael's passion for nature, his love of children, and his inspired curiosity for life. We hope you will join us in our quest to help Michael's passions live on through the lives of others.

Our goal is to fully fund this initial Learning Garden at Washington Woods and to also raise enough money to create a similar Learning Garden at a location in New Jersey with connections to Michael's family. If funding goals for both of these projects are met, we would then like to move forward with the creation of a youth mountain biking program, also in Michael's honor. Our initial goal for these projects is $150,000.

It has been very humbling to witness the number of people that loved Michael and to hear from so many that he impacted positively through his life. He was a true leader...he changed the lives of many in wonderful ways. Together, we ask you to join us to create a beautiful representation of the person that Michael was, and the person that he has inspired us all to become.

Supporters (42)

$1,000 Dec 11, 2019
Raymond J. Virgona Aunt Eileen and Uncle Ray a... Read More
$20 Dec 10, 2019
Rose Marie Frenette
$250 Dec 09, 2019
Douglas Kaplan
$100 Dec 08, 2019
Priscilla Cannan What a great idea .Michaels... Read More
$100 Dec 08, 2019
Candice M Neuman The Martinez/Neuman Family
$250 Dec 06, 2019
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$50 Dec 06, 2019
Dean Collins
$100 Dec 05, 2019
Maryann Barattia Thank You, Michael for the ... Read More
$50 Dec 05, 2019
Doris Dpadacconi Rest in peace Michael.
$100 Dec 05, 2019
Patrick Houlahan/Monty Thompson
$25 Dec 05, 2019
Evelyn Sanchez I'll always have good memor... Read More
$100 Dec 04, 2019
Anthony Madaio With love and caring.Best f... Read More
$150 Dec 03, 2019
Killy Smith Could not think of a better... Read More
$50 Dec 03, 2019
Christa Fricke
$100 Dec 02, 2019
Alaimo Family
$100 Dec 02, 2019
Marie-Luise Stowe THANK YOU FOR PLANNING THIS... Read More
$100 Dec 02, 2019
William Foley
$100 Dec 01, 2019
Nicole Jonas xoxo
$500 Nov 30, 2019
Steve Sanborn With love from Steve and Je... Read More
$100 Nov 30, 2019
$50 Nov 30, 2019
Rochelle Crutchfield L'chaim, Michael. Your lif... Read More
$250 Nov 30, 2019
Marc Evans
$250 Nov 30, 2019
Adam Glucksman This is a great cause, Bria... Read More
$500 Nov 30, 2019
James sowlakis Jamie Sowlakis & Family
$250 Nov 29, 2019
Hayley Jacobsen
$1,000 Nov 29, 2019
Peter n Crognale Uncle Mike lives on!!!
$500 Nov 29, 2019
Claudette R Roy A beautiful garden to be cr... Read More
$50 Nov 29, 2019
Joanne Roy Farewell cousin Michael.
$150 Nov 29, 2019
Frank Decarlo Frank Decarlo
$500 Nov 29, 2019
Chris lombardo Thank you for your beautifu... Read More
$100 Nov 29, 2019
jean marc roy
$250 Nov 29, 2019
Cindy Butler What a wonderful tribute! M... Read More
$500 Nov 29, 2019
Jason Reilly and Family
$100 Nov 28, 2019
Nancy R Hall
$50 Nov 28, 2019
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$25 Nov 28, 2019
Robert S Goldberg
$100 Nov 27, 2019
Elizabeth Harris
$500 Nov 27, 2019
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$50 Nov 27, 2019
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$150 Nov 27, 2019
james j virgona With Love from Uncle John
$25 Nov 27, 2019
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$5,000 Nov 27, 2019
Anonymous Let's preserve Michael's le... Read More