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Sandpitt Wrestling Fundraising Campaign

Sandpitt Wrestling
Oct 14, 2019
Nov 08, 2019
What we're raising for:

I would like to begin by thanking you for considering our request to support Sandpitt wrestling. Sandpitt Wrestling is Lubbock’s premier youth wrestling club. We function as a non-profit organization serving Lubbock youth ages 4 to 14.
Our main purpose is to provide a positive environment for Lubbock youth to learn the fundamentals of wrestling and to foster national amateur sports competition.
Our wrestlers represent various elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the city. Our Board of Directors and coaches are all volunteers.
Unfortunately, the costs of completing a wrestling season can be quite overwhelming for some families. Despite our fundraising efforts, we cannot meet all clubs costs with the generous support of community members like you. Some of the costs incurred each season are below:

Uniforms including: singlet, shoes, headgear, facilities fees, travel to regional, State, National tournaments and this year we would like to purpose team uniforms in order to promote a sense of unity among wrestlers. We appreciate your support!

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$50 Nov 05, 2019
Shane Stephen Good Luck!!
$50 Oct 27, 2019
Chelsea Garza We love you Abel! Chelsea ... Read More
$50 Oct 24, 2019
Stephanie M Roley Good Luck!
$20 Oct 20, 2019
Antonio Murga
$100 Oct 19, 2019
Pedro Murga Good luck this season!
$50 Oct 17, 2019
Ramiro Gonzales Jr
$20 Oct 17, 2019
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$20 Oct 16, 2019
Vivian Moody Good luck!
$50 Oct 14, 2019
Zane Davis
$50 Oct 14, 2019
Beverly S Gibson
$50 Oct 14, 2019
Kaydon Kirby Yay Abel!!! You are a stud!