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Slovak National Indoor Lacrosse Fundraising Campaign

Slovak National Indoor Lacrosse
May 16, 2019
Jun 30, 2019
What we're raising for:

The Slovak National Indoor Lacrosse Team is preparing for FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championship (WILC) competition in Langley, BC, Canada September 2019. To accomplish this, the players and coaches pay for ALL their own travel, equipment and training expenses out of their own pockets. This fund will support these expenses for the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in 2019.

Slovak indoor players are guys, who fell in love with box lacrosse in a hockey-based country. To represent our country at the 2019 WILC has always been our dream. Now we have the opportunity to face this big challenge and show our potential. Support us, become part of our indoor lacrosse family and help us to achieve our dreams and spread the word about lacrosse in Slovakia.

Every penny will go towards reducing the cost that players and coaches have to invest for expenses related to our preparation and participation in the 2019 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships. This is a very expensive endeavor and your support is key to our team’s success.

Slovakia filled in at the 2011 WILC in Prague as an exhibition entry to balance the pools. They were outscored 63-15 in three pool games against established clubs but earned an historic 10-7 win over Ireland in one of the two-game series for seventh. Slovakia did not play in 2015 WILC due to funding.

2017 European Box Lacrosse Championships, Slovakia finished 7th out of 14 countries. The Bratislava Bats, representing Slovakia, advanced on to the semifinals in 2018 AHM after a win over Czech-league rival SK Jizni Mesto. This was the highest that the Bats have finished in recent years, a major achievement for Slovak lacrosse, and things are looking bright for the boys from Slovakia as we head into a World Indoor Championship in 2019.

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