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About FundMyTeam & Play Now Pay Never

FundMyTeam is the home of Play Now Pay Never©—new, easy, fast, safe, low-cost fundraising fintech. FundMyTeam’s expert Assisted Fundraising© Captains have run 100% online campaigns for 1,000+ teams, governing bodies, and merchants since 2018. Our unique Play Now Pay Never© financial technology lets merchants boost buyers’ budgets $2,500 to $250,000 with donor and sponsor funding.
FundMyTeam is a League Network PBC fundraising brand. Backed by investors including impact and corporate venture capitalists and 4 Super Bowl champions, League Network is leader in Donationomics©, expanding donation and sponsorship funding for organizations of all types.
League Network was founded on the campus of New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark in 2016. Co-founders Anne-Sophie (ICN, MBA CUL) and Jay Whitehead (UCLA, Harvard Business School) are serial media and technology entrepreneurs with multiple exits, and CTO Gurvinder Batra has successfully launched over 300 apps. League Network is a Red Herring Top 100 N. America winner, and Newchip Accelerator 2020’s “COVID Cohort” graduate.

How It Works

20%+ of team and school budgets require fundraising. FundMyTeam’s Play Now Pay Never campaigns boost budgets $2,500 to $250,000 for teams, schools and merchants via 100% online donations and sponsorships, fast, easy, safe, assisted by our expert Captains. Averages: Donors $62, sponsors $150, campaigns $2,900, Max is $250,000. 80%+ of campaigns succeed under 25 days. Zero up-front costs, overnight funding, Play Now Pay Never© campaign proceeds are net of 15% bank and platform fees.

  • For Teams, Schools, Organizations

    Raise $2,500-$250,000 for your teams directly, or to pay merchant invoices. Click Contact Us, and send us:
    Team roster, names, emails, logos, campaign $ goal, team photos, videos, website, and social media.

  • For Merchants and Governing Bodies

    Play Now Pay Never campaigns boost your buyers’ budgets $2,500 -$250,000 to pay your invoices, at zero cost to you. Click Contact Us—start a merchant account and click-to-agree contingent sales agreement to speed purchases.

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