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About FundMyTeam

FundMyTeam is the easiest, fastest, lowest-cost, highest-profit way for teams to pay to play sports and esports. Because it’s so easy and fast and costs zero up-front, FundMyTeam is the fastest-growing fundraiser for teams in 30 sports and esports. FundMyTeam was created by League Network (, the Better Leagues, Better Lives ™ free media platform for team sport leaders.

When we asked team leaders what they wanted most, they said “first, help us raise money!” We’re youth coaches, parent-managers, commissioners, athletic directors, trustees and fundraisers too. So we used our experience to create a great fundraising app. But we did not stop there. Because the next thing we were told was “I don’t know how to do it”. So we recruited a great team of Assisted Fundraising Captains to guide you along the way. That's the FundMyTeam difference. We do it with you, so you can focus on giving back to the kids. After all, that is what matters to us too.
Give us a call. Let us raise you some money.

How it works

We got this. All you do is tell your Assisted Fundraising Captain your needs, set the appropriate target amount and a deadline, and safely share the news with your team families, friends and fans. Assisted Fundraising Captains use the magic FundMyTeam app safely activate your team’s network to raise donations and local sponsorships in a couple weeks for zero up-front costs.

  • 1 Start a Campaign

    Hit the Start a Campaign Now button. Fill out the Contact Us form. Your Assisted Fundraising Captain replies shortly and helps set up your campaign page in your own time.

  • 2 Keep Your Network Safe

    Fund My Team assures child privacy and network safety with its COPPA-compliant process. We won’t reach out to your network unless you need us to raise funds. No Spam. Promised.

  • 3 Our App & Captains Fund Your Team

    When your fans donate to your campaign, the net proceeds are deposited directly into your account.

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